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Join us at the AI.Magine Summit in Boulder, CO in early February 2020 to commune with experts working with AI in their respective fields to discuss AI ethics, inherent data bias, and diversity in tech utilizing nature and feminine business values. Walk away with concrete solutions created with your peers to establish guidelines and responsible conditions for creating the next wave of technologies.


Align is a community in Boulder CO designed for all to commune, learn, share, and create better human experiences for all of our futures by building a powerful, influential, smart network. Align fosters creativity, communication, diversity, caring, knowledge-sharing, and general support among its members.

If we’re not careful in our extremely technologically advanced world, we will lose touch with humanity and what it means to truly connect with each other. Align fosters authentic connection.



Align offers exclusive events and programming in Boulder, CO for members to engage and connect with each other. Newly created business members will grow by contact with older established legends in their fields. Entrepreneurs can learn from the best and brightest in similar fields. Women from all genres can find similarities and support each other through member contacts. Annual membership coming soon. Sign up to our email list for further information.



Attending an Align event will be unlike your typical networking engagement. Align offers speaking series with leaders in their fields, Pop Up Shop Collectives in collaboration with local businesses, financial acumen workshops exclusively for women, panel discussions around topics of interest, and other interactions of intrigue and influence. Sign up to our email list to learn more.

Pop Up Shop Collectives

Align is collaborating with the new WeWork Boulder on Canyon and 28th Street to bring local women-owned businesses to you for enjoyment and interaction among participants. Join us for complimentary shmoozing, coworking, dining, communing, shopping, and pampering.

Financial Acumen Lunch & Learns

61% of women would rather talk about their own death than money. A conversation with women around our finances, brought to you by Align in partnership with Boulder’s top financial executives. These one hour lunch and learns promote an inclusive, welcoming space for female colleagues to learn more about personal financial well-being. We discuss topics such as diversification, personal value, and debt, and work with the audience according to their interests and questions to engage participants in a way that is comfortable and inviting.

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Orit Manham has a varied career working in NYC and globally in the arts, space planning, design, commercial real estate and construction. For the past 22 years, her experience working in these diverse fields has led her to create Align. She is passionate about putting people together, especially women. She believes that women are power and that their collective force will propel the world’s future understanding of humanity, from a creative and more forgiving perspective, by bringing us all together.